A series of public lectures on Law, Gender and Sexuality

The LEX Research Network is excited to launch LEX Public which showcases the work of leading researchers who have made a significant contribution to the field of law, gender, and sexuality. The lectures will speak to cutting edge issues which are at the heart of law, gender, and sexuality research. Reflecting features of the network, the LEX Public series covers transdisciplinary and international research. We invite any interested members of the public to join our ongoing conversations about law, gender, and sexuality through these events. 

Speakers and dates:

We are delighted to announce our four speakers (registration open soon):
Registration will open in October for the first event via the LEX website, and for the other lectures in due course.  Keep up to date by checking in on the LEX website and following us on twitter @ResearchLex
A Respectful and Safe Environment:
The LEX Network recognises that discrimination, prejudice and victimisation on the basis of personal attributes, including gender identity and expression, is a violation of human rights and it will not be tolerated. As part of this series of public events we will put in place measures to ensure respectful dialogue and a safe environment.

For queries regarding LEX Public:

Please email: lexpublic@lexnetwork.org