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Prof. Clare McGlynn: 'Sexual Violence in the Metaverse: naming, framing and reforming the criminal law'

Date: 22 May 2024, 10:00 am GMT

Location: Digital

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Abstract: Do current criminal laws cover acts of sexual violence and abuse in the metaverse? Or are new criminal laws required? This lecture will consider the distinctive nature of the harms of sexual violence and harassment in the metaverse and the possible role of the criminal law and related regulation. Women and girls experience exceptionally high levels of abuse and harassment online, and there are indications that such trends are being replicated in the metaverse. While the criminal law applies to some forms of online abuse, is less clear what its application is or will be to immersive experiences such as the metaverse. This lecture raises examines current experiences of abuse and harassment, the harms and the role of the criminal law.

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