LEX Research Network
Law, Gender & Sexuality

New journal Gender and Justice: coming soon

Bristol University Press is pleased to announce an exciting new journal launching in 2025: Gender and Justice. Gender and Justice is published by Bristol University Press and in affiliation with the international Law, Gender and Sexuality (LEX) Research Network.

Gender and Justice is an international and transdisciplinary journal dedicated to advancing critical feminist scholarship on justice in the social sciences, and from different methodological perspectives.

The journal aims to showcase innovative contributions that are theoretically-driven and/or empirically-grounded approaches to various forms of gender inequality, injustice and exclusion which influence and shape individuals’ lives across diverse and global contexts. The editors’ conception of justice is comprehensive. It encompasses economic, social, criminal, distributive, environmental, cultural and political dimensions.

To stay up-to-date with the journal’s development, follow us on X (formerly Twitter) at @GendrJustJrnl.